Never too young

Never too young

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Gain Certificates in English Spelling, Punctuation and Basic Mathematics 


For only £3 you can download any one of five tests: Basic Maths, Punctuation and three in Spelling. You will be provided with the material on which the test is based or directed to another site where it is available. Each test consists of 50 multiple choice questions and allows 15 minutes. When you have finished, you will get a Certificate, displayed on screen, which you can print out and which will give your mark as a percentage. It will state that the test was not supervised by Test The Basics. 

You will be given the opportunity to type in the name that you wish to appear on the certificate if it is different from yours e.g. your child's.  

Authenticated Certificate from a Test The Basics Examiner (available in due course)

If you require an authenticated Certificate to prove that you took the test without any help, a Test The Basics Examiner will come to your house, or meet you at any mutually convenient location, supervise your test and sign your Certificate. As well as the initial £3 which you pay through the website, you will need to pay him/her an extra sum of £7 immediately after taking the test, plus possibly some travel expenses. 

The same facility for entering the name to go on the certificate will be available as with unsupervised tests.  

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