Never too young

Never too young

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Earn Certificates in Spelling, Punctuation, Basic Maths and the vocabulary of Commerce.   

If you wish your Certificate to be endorsed, telephone 07737-294028 and an Examiner will come to your house - or anywhere convenient with access to a computer - and supervise the candidate(s). Supervision is currently only available in East Sussex.       

A responsible adult must be present when the Examiner is supervising anyone under 18.  

This website provides you with the material on which the tests are based or, in the case of two of the Spelling tests and the one on Commerce, directs you to websites where the words can be found.

Each test costs £3 and consists of 50 multiple choice questions each with 4 possible answers, only one of which is correct. 10 minutes are currently allowed per test. Sample questions for the Basic Maths and Punctuation tests are provided at the end of the material on which they are based. When a test has been completed, a Certificate, giving the mark as a percentage, can be displayed on screen and printed.  You will be given the opportunity to type in the name that you wish to appear on the certificate if it is different from yours e.g. your child's.

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