Frequently Asked questions

If a test isn't supervised by Test The Basics, can someone else supervise it and sign the certificate?

Yes. There is room at the foot of the certificate for someone else to endorse it.

If I do a test again, will the questions be the same?

Some probably will. The questions are drawn randomly from a base and some may be repeated. In Spelling 1 the chances of repetition are about 50/50 as there are only 100 words to test. Note, too, that in the Spelling Tests we don't test any word of three letters or fewer, apart from "its" and "it's".

May I use anything to help me during a test?

If it is supervised by Test The Basics, you may only use a blank sheet of paper and a writing implement. If it isn't supervised by Test The Basics, you may use anything, or whatever your non-Test The Basics supervisor allows.

How much does each test cost?

The fee for a test is 3.

What will I get when I complete the test?

You will get a certificate, either on screen or by email, which you can print out for yourself. It will quote your mark as a percentage, so if you get 49 answers out of the 50 right, the percentage will be 98; if you get 48 right, the percentage will be 96 ... and so on. It will state that the test was not supervised by test-the-basics.
If your test was supervised by a test-the-basics examiner, this will be stated on the certificate, which he/she will sign. Supervision is currently only available in East Sussex.

Can children take the tests?

Anyone with access to a computer can take the tests unsupervised. If someone under 18 does a test supervised by test-the-basics, a responsible adult must be present while the examiner is there.
After paying and returning to test-the-basics, there is a facility for typing in the name of the child.

How long does each test take?

Each test allows a maximum of of 10 minutes. You may finish sooner if you wish.

May I use a calculator for the Basic Maths test?

Not if the test is supervised by Test The Basics, when the only things you may use to help you - in this or any other test - are a blank sheet of paper and a writing implement.

Can I do more than one test during a visit by an Examiner?

Yes. How many you do is for you to agree with the Examiner.

At the end of a test, will an Examiner review any mistakes I might have made?

The system will tell you which answers you got wrong and which were the right ones. The Examiner may explain your mistakes if he wishes but he doesn't have to.

Can I review my answers when I have finished?

No. After clicking on an answer, you cannot return to it.